Bring down a barrage of sharpened destruction on defenseless enemies who will find no solace in facing you on the battlefield. The time has come for you to take on the mantle as the new Zen Archer.

New Class - Zen Archer

Draw back your bow and let loose with a flurry of sharpened destruction as the new Zen Archer. With ranged capabilities unlike any other warrior, the Zen Archer finds balance and peace in the heat of battle, taking down all those who oppose them with absolute composure.

Way of the Lightbringer

Flow through combat as you leverage the harmony of light and sound to perfect your attacks.

Way of the Windpiercer

With the tranquil focus of a sharpened arrow, strike mercilessly at your opponent’s weakest point.

Cathedra Cliffs

A call for help from your allies, the Khashabi tribe, leads you on a journey to the mysterious caverns found at the Cathedra Cliffs to recover a sacred relic from the fearsome Avamar clan. Face off against their oppressive warlord in a battle to the death as you seek to reacquire this powerful artifact for the Khashabi.

New Legendary Weapons

Unleash the devastating Thornbreaker on your foes as its power becomes further unlocked or take hold of either the new Lionroar or Wingsong weapons to pummel your opponents.

New Weapons New Weapons

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